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Terms of Use

Atkinson-Baker's ARS(sm) is not designed for or available to the general public or to anonymous users.  ARS is intended to be used by independent Court Reporters who are known to and working with Atkinson-Baker, Inc. 

The purpose of ARS is to enhance coordination between the independent Reporter and the Atkinson-Baker court reporting agency in the matter of jobs, production schedules, pay and any other areas relevant to our work together. 

ARS operates by giving the Reporter access to our internal database and reporting management system.  The Reporter using this system acknowledges that the data, its organization, methods of display and procedures are private and proprietary, shared with the Reporter as a business partner for as long as we have a business relationship. 

Participation in this facility is by invitation only and is controlled by Atkinson-Baker, Inc. 

Atkinson-Baker reserves the right to make changes to ARS at any time without prior notice. 

Atkinson-Baker may disable any reporter's ARS log-on at any time without prior notice. 

Similarly, any Reporter may request that his or her ARS log-on be disabled and password deleted and Atkinson-Baker will comply as quickly as possible. 

A successful log on to ARS, using the log on name and password provided by Atkinson-Baker, constitutes agreement to these terms. 

To find out how to get started on ARS, please read the Registration Instructions page

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